Home Quarantine plan, we are offering you reduced transmission risk, thus providing peace of mind for family members. You will be constantly monitored by medical professionals all through the quarantine period. We ensure you of early intervention to detect new signs during the home quarantine period, and 24X7 Hospitalization and Home Health Care Support. We are also providing you a Home Guard Kit made by us.


Close monitoring of vital signs and monitoring by qualified nurse/paramedics tor the recovery 12 Hour or 24 Hour 7/14 days

Doctor dashboard with all the recorded vitals – to identify early warning signs for the need for advanced care

Priority video/tele Consult by a specialist -physician/pulmonologist if any of the early warning signs indicate worsening

Integration of IT and AI to identify people at enhanced risk and manage them accordingly, to escalate care/shift to hospital

Relation with coordinators of all major hospitals for emergency care.

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